Laugh Out Loud playing prank calls to friends and sharing their reactions

  • Choose a joke and a friend, and in 2 minutes you'll hear him falling for the joke

  • Download JokesPhone NOW and get FREE jokes with the download!

How it works

Choose a joke, choose a friend and in few minutes the joke will be ready to be heard, downloaded and shared.

What people say?

Eric Barket, January 5th 2023
Amusing!. Hip Hip Hurray JokesPhone!. Laughed soooo hard playing jokes on my friends!! Xddddddd
Heath Edgerton, January 10th 2023
Still laughing. This is neat. You can play prank-calls to your dad, sister or friends and they won't know it is you!!!
Rose Collette, January 13th 2023
Loved it!. I recommend it to everyone, they give you free prank-calls with the download to enjoy it.
Isla Robbie, January 14th 2023
Exceptional app. I never thought I could laugh so hard with an app. Congratulations!
Jason Brown, January 15th 2023
Wonderful!. Every friend of mine failed in the jokes, I had such a great time!!!.

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