Laugh Out Loud playing prank calls to friends and sharing their reactions

  • Choose a joke and a friend, and in 2 minutes you'll hear him falling for the joke

  • Download JokesPhone NOW and get FREE jokes with the download!

How it works

Choose a joke, choose a friend and in few minutes the joke will be ready to be heard, downloaded and shared.

What people say?

Alexis Otto, January 14th 2024
Super app! So much fun hearing my friends falling for the jokes LOL
Harry Smith, January 18th 2024
I love it!! It has hundreds of jokes.. and you don't waste your money on voicemails!!!
Emily Taylor, January 21st 2024
The best app for prank calls!! You get free jokes if your friends install the app
Mary Wilson, January 25th 2024
This is a masterpiece!. You have new jokes or promotions every week!!
Charly Brown, January 30th 2024
Amazing how it works!. It is soooo realistic, really funny catching your friends by surprise!!! xDD

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